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Concrete Pumping Services

Bullet Concrete Pumping Inc. offers concrete pumping services for San Diego area. We are currently running trailer-mounted boom concrete pumping trucks. We are able to provide this service for projects of any size. Our trailer-mounted boom concrete pumping trucks utilize an articulating robotic arm, operated through a remote control, allowing for the placement of concrete with pinpoint accuracy.

Facilitate your construction job with the best in the business. At Bullet Concrete Pumping Inc., we mount high-performance concrete pumps to our trucks to deliver the easy and convenient concrete pouring you need. We utilize truck-mounted boom pumps to get the job done with efficiency and precision.

Contractors who pump consistently report savings of 50% compared to truck dumping or crane and bucket methods. A job that takes five men two and a half hours to pour would only take three of our highly trained crew members one hour to pump, providing you with:

  • Time and Labor Savings
  • Increased Profits
  • Improved Scheduling
  • Reduces Site Preparation
  • Concrete Placing Versatility

Bullet Concrete Pumping Inc. is committed to providing a quality reliable service with a ‘Can Do’ attitude and with years of experience in concrete pumping we can help you through every step of the pour.

Specializing in delivering concrete pumping solutions, our team of highly skilled pump operators are experienced in pumping concrete to major construction sites and very sensitive areas i.e. over buildings, rivers, parkland and into building basements or through houses to back gardens.

Industries and Applications

Manufacturing , Home building, Foundations, Basements

Shopping Centers, Schools, Offices

State, Federal

Luxury homes and condos, hotels

Foundations, Basements, Retaining walls

Why Choose Us?

  • Safety is the number one priority for Bullet Concrete Pumping Inc. We constantly strive to improve our processes and training to make every pour a little bit safer.
  • Experience. Take advantage of the experience they can provide. Whether it is vast yardage or a design/build project, our crew is equipped to handle your job.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Insured and bonded.
  • Our pumps are AIR RESOURCES BOARD and California Clean Idle certified.
  • Reliable, Dependable, On Time.
  • Consistency and Workability.
  • We service all San Diego County military bases.

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